Message from the Chair – January 2020

Winter is here and we start 2020 with a new slate of division officers. First, we want to thank Dustin Miller for his service in leading the division the last 18 months. Many thanks for all that you have accomplished. Doug Davis will continue on as the Vice-Chair and we welcome two new officers: Miles van Noordennen from Haley&Aldrich as the Secretary and Leah Spradley Parks from the NRC as the Treasurer.

We have a busy year planned for 2020 with active participation and outreach at the following conferences. First up, we will be supporting and attending the ANS Student Conference on March 26-28, 2020 at the Raleigh Marriott City Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. Please attend if you can to encourage a future environmental scientist or engineer to consider a career in Environmental Sciences and Decommissioning.

Next is the annual ANS meeting on June 7-11, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona where DESD will host 6 sessions. It may be hot during the day but try hiking Camelback Mountain at night with hundreds of others to get a panoramic view of the city.

The next conference is the ANS Utility Working Conference on August 9-12, 2020 at Marco Island, Florida where DESD will host 8 sessions. We have great participation from the division members and the beaches are nearby.

The ANS Winter Meeting is in Chicago, Illinois from November 15-19. We are finalizing our participation at this meeting so please volunteer if you would like to present or host a session.

We are also pleased to announce that DESD will hold an embedded topical meeting with the Robotics and Remote Systems Division at the 2021 ANS Winter Meeting in Washington DC.

Jim Byrne is the Program Committee Chair this year. Volunteers for the Program Committee are:

  • Nadia Glucksberg
  • Sue Aggarwal
  • Mark Campagna
  • Gene Carpenter
  • Martin Plys
  • Frazier Bronson
  • Leah Parks
  • Gerry Van Noordennen

Your help is needed so stimulate papers, perform technical reviews, and chair sessions. Please pitch in and help Jim make this our best meeting year yet.

Finally, we realize that our website has fallen behind, however, we have made progress getting it up to date and will continue to work with ANS HQ to keep it current.

I look forward to working with you all and if you have any suggestions or ideas as to how we can improve our division please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Best Regards,

Gerry van Noordennen
DESD Chair, 2020-2021

A group of professionals having fun in the fields of decommissioning and environmental sciences for the nuclear industry.

The mission of the Decommissioning & Environmental Sciences Division (DESD) is to promote the development and use of those skills and technologies associated with the optimal management of decommissioning and environmental sciences and  long-term surveillance and maintenance of nuclear and formerly nuclear installations, materials, facilities, and sites for the betterment of society. The target audience for this effort is the member of the Division, the Society, and the public at large.

Why should you join the DESD Division of the American Nuclear Society?

Are you currently working on, looking for projects in, or simply interested in the nuclear decommissioning industry?

Are you a member of the largest nuclear society in the US and specifically the technical division focusing on the decontamination, decommissioning, and reutilization of sites within the nuclear industry?

Why not?

The American Nuclear Society – Decommissioning & Environmental Sciences (DESD) Division is the organization for you and your colleagues to join! This division has nearly 1000 members who understand what membership in the DESD division brings them. Activities focus solely on the decommissioning technical area. Our members include both domestic and international colleagues working in the nuclear decommissioning areas. We look to exchange the lessons learned and other technical information with numerous projects.

Benefits of ANS & DESD membership include:

  • Opportunities to network with leaders in the nuclear community with strong interest in the decommissioning technical area.
  • Special offer for new members – join the ANS-DESD now and be entered to possibly win a copy of the new recently published reference “Decommissioning Handbook”.
    A semi-annual DESD newsletter providing the status of various decommissioning projects that is available only to DD&R members.
  • Special pricing on publications related to the decommissioning industry.
  • Inside details on planning for the next major Topical Meeting on Decommissioning being planned by the DESD and Remote Systems Divisions for Pittsburgh, PA in August 2016.
  • Recognition awards from peers in the areas of exceptional performance on DESD projects and DESD area lifetime achievement.

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