A group of professionals having fun in the fields of decommissioning and environmental sciences for the nuclear industry.

The mission of the Decommissioning & Environmental Sciences Division (DESD) is to promote the development and use of those skills and technologies associated with the optimal management of decommissioning and environmental sciences and  long-term surveillance and maintenance of nuclear and formerly nuclear installations, materials, facilities, and sites for the betterment of society. The target audience for this effort is the member of the Division, the Society, and the public at large.

Why should you join the DESD Division of the American Nuclear Society?

The American Nuclear Society – Decommissioning & Environmental Sciences (DESD) Division is the organization for you and your colleagues to join! This division has nearly 1000 members who understand what membership in the DESD division brings them. Activities focus on the decommissioning technical area as well as environmental sciences. Our members include both domestic and international colleagues working in the nuclear decommissioning and environmental fields. We look to exchange the lessons learned and other technical information with numerous projects.

Benefits of ANS & DESD membership include:

  • Opportunities to network with leaders in the nuclear community with strong interest in the decommissioning or environmental technical areas.
  • Special pricing on publications related to the decommissioning industry.
  • Inside details on planning for the next Embedded Topical Meeting on Decommissioning and Environmental Sciences and Remote Technology during the Winter Meeting in 2024 taking place in Orlando, FL..
  • Recognition awards from peers in the areas of exceptional performance on DESD projects and DESD area lifetime achievement.

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