DESD awards either a graduate scholarship ($3000) or an undergraduate scholarship ($2000) annually.

Click here for information on applying for an undergraduate or graduate scholarship.

DESD Undergraduate Scholarship ($2000)

The Undergraduate DESD scholarship awardee for 2011-2012 is David W. Kamerman who is attending Idaho State University. David is entering his senior year with a 3.6 GPA majoring in Nuclear Engineering and has a specific interest in nuclear fuel reprocessing. He plans to attend the 2011 Winter Meeting in Washington and participate in several DESD activities.

DESD Graduate Scholarship ($3000)

The Graduate DESD scholarship awardee for 2010-2011 is Jenny Martos from Rensselaer Polytechnic University. She received her BS in Nuclear Engineering from RPI this May, and will begin her graduate studies this fall at UC Berkeley in Nuclear Engineering.

Decommissioning & Environmental Sciences Division Scholarships
Year Recipient Type University
2022 Elise Shauf Undergraduate Texas A&M University
2021 Abdulsalam Shakhatreh Graduate Virginia Tech
2020 Anna Deak Graduate Colorado State University
2020 Kaylee M. Cunningham Undergraduate University of Florida
2019 Brian S. Casel Graduate Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2019  William A. Welch Undergraduate University of California, Berkeley
2018  Megan R. Smith Graduate North Carolina State University
2018 Coleman R. Curran Undergraduate University of Tennessee, Knoxville
2017 Megan R. Smith Graduate North Carolina State University
2017 Michael Hua Undergraduate University of Michigan
2016 Eric Rasch Graduate University of Michigan
2016 Kathryn Ann Mummah Undergraduate University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
2015 Stratz, Steven Adam Graduate University of Tennessee-Knoxville
2015 Mummah, Kathryn Ann Undergraduate University of Illinois
2014 Wooten, Daniel David Graduate University of California-Berkeley
2014 Richard Rolland, III Undergraduate University of Wisconsin-Madison
2013 Scurlock, Alyse Marie Graduate University of Florida
2013 Nichols, Larinda Undergraduate Idaho State University
2012 Allen, Eben S Graduate University of Missouri-Columbia
2012 Niska-Burja, Alexandra Undergraduate University of Michigan
2011 No applications received
2011 David W. Kamerman Undergraduate Idaho State University
2010 Martos, Jenny Nicole Graduate Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
2010 Planinsek, Jacob Louis Undergraduate Pennsylvania State University
2009 Holton, Blake Thomas Undergraduate University of Florida
2008 Maginot, Peter Gregory Undergraduate Texas A&M University
2007 Vazquez, Lisandro II Undergraduate Georgia Institute of Technology
2006 Holtzman, Benjamin Asher Undergraduate University of Illinois
2005 Moulton, Taylor Allen Undergraduate University of Florida
2004 Cole, Jennifer Michelle Undergraduate University of Tennessee-Knoxville
2003 Fung, Cindy Undergraduate University of Florida
2002 Ludlum, Erica Marie Undergraduate University of Illinois
2001 Not awarded
2000 Loft, Dara Elizabeth Undergraduate Oregon State University