Message from the Chair – September 2006

Welcome to the American Nuclear Society – Decommissioning & Environmental Sciences (DESD) Division website.

The goal of our division since being established has been to advance and optimize the decommissioning process and disseminate this knowledge to the larger decommissioning community. We have been successful in this regard. The only way we can continue to be successful in achieving that goal is by having active participation of the DDR membership in moving further down that path toward continued success. In doing this we add significant value to the efforts of the decommissioning community with the work we perform. So don’t wait to get invited to get involved – wade into the activities of the division and see how you can contribute to what we are doing. We need to engage all of our division membership in our division activities. Consider getting involved and running for an elected office, recruit a new member to the division, present a paper at one of our upcoming meetings – it all costs less than a cup of coffee per working day to be a part of a great group of DDR colleagues. We need many contributors to make this division be what I know it can be – just look at what we are doing –
The DESD newsletter – recognized as one of the best methods of capturing and sharing information on decommissioning projects – and available to just DDR members.

The DESD Awards program – recognizes outstanding D&D Projects and personnel annually.

The 2007 topical meeting which DDR is organizing including not only domestic community participants but our other friends in the international community as well.
The DESD Division is an active and important part of the nuclear industry’s decommissioning efforts and will continue to provide this support for years to come. For those of you who may have not participated in the past, I am asking you to support our efforts and become actively involved in the DESD division — share your experience and expertise.

Thank you for your continued support and please contact me should you have any suggestions, questions or would just like to learn more about what we do.

Larry Boing
Chair, DESD Division of ANS