The ANS-DESD Division Award of Excellence

The DESD Executive Committee (EC) and all DESD members strive to recognize and honor accomplishments of colleagues who have made outstanding contributions to the field of decommissioning, decontamination and site reutilization. To that end, the DESD Division EC has established awards to recognize their colleagues who have demonstrated outstanding achievement, service and contribution to the technical area. Two awards have been established for this recognition: The ANS-DESD Division Award of Excellence (below) and the ANS-DESD Division Lifetime Achievement Award.

Purpose: This award is intended to recognize individuals for their efforts and achievements on a specific project which has contributed to the advancement of any one of or all of the fields of decontamination, decommissioning or site reutilization. The basis for nomination for this award are detailed below. However, nominations should be based upon the contributions of an individual or group of individuals making a specific and significant focused contribution to a state of the art project, an important publication, or on another major technical achievement. The Award of Excellence is intended to reward members of a project team and the award is made to the project team represented by project representatives to accept the award. This is in marked contrast to the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Criteria: Award nominees are to be judged based upon the perceived significance of the project or activity considering the following criteria:

  • Exceptional contribution to the successful completion of a DESD related project or activity or its supporting functions (i.e. standards, significant technical achievement, public outreach, etc)
  • Involvement in ANS and DESD related activities (Conferences, embedded topical conferences, annual meetings, committees, etc)
  • Contribution by an individual which provides positive professional or public image to DESD or any of its related areas
  • Efforts that have improved the overall effectiveness of the decontamination, decommissioning and reutilization tasks undertaken by the DESD industry
  • Nominations: Nominees for this award do not have to be a U S Citizen nor be a member of ANS.
  • The nominee must be living at the time the nomination is made.
  • Non-ANS members as well as ANS members can submit nominations.
  • Nomination forms are available for this award from the DESD Division website (http://desd.ans.org).
  • In addition, once a year a “general call for nominations” for these awards will be made through a notice in the DESD newsletter and by other means as deemed appropriate.
  • All nominations must be submitted to the DESD-EC for evaluation and selection. The awards timeline is also available at the website.

The Award: A maximum of two awards per calendar year are allowed. The award shall be comprised of a certificate of recognition and/or a plaque or an equivalent. A summary article on the winning nominees project shall be prepared by the award recipients and published in the DESD division newsletter and posted on the DESD website as well as published in the Radwaste Solutions magazine as soon as possible after the award is presented. Scheduling for award consideration and presentation can be modified by the DESD EC Chairperson.

Project Excellence Award winners

2005 – (Tie) 233.S Plutonium Concentration Facility D&D-Fluor Hanford & The ETTP Three Building Decommissioning Project-BNG Americas
2007 – Yankee NPP.s Decommissioning Projects . Wayne Norton, Yankee Atomic Electric Company
2009 – The IAEA Establishment of the International Decommissioning Network . Michele Laraia, IAEA & Paul Dinner, IAEA
2012 – Dismantling Tools and Equipment . Mike Anderson, SNS (and formerly MOTA Corp)
2014 – Decommissioning K-25 Building, located at the East Tennessee Technology Park (the former Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant) – UCOR
2016 – Placing the Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant into SAFSTOR
2021 – Zion NPP Decommissioning Energy Solutions