The ANS-DESD Division Lifetime Achievement Award

The DESD Executive Committee (EC) and all DESD members strive to recognize and honor accomplishments of colleagues who have made outstanding contributions to the field of decommissioning, decontamination and site reutilization. To that end, the DESD Division EC has established awards to recognize their colleagues who have demonstrated outstanding achievement, service and contribution to the technical area. Two awards have been established for this recognition: The ANS-DESD Division Award of Excellence and the ANS-DESD Division Lifetime Achievement Award (below).

Purpose: This award is intended to recognize a more senior-level individual for their achievements and contributions to the advancement of any one of or all of the fields of decontamination, decommissioning or site reutilization. The basis for nomination for this award are detailed below. However, strong consideration should be given to the contributions of the individual in making specific and significant contributions to the state-of-the-art of the DESD area, an important publication in the DDR area, sustained noteworthy technical achievement, or an industry wide sustained record of significant achievement, accomplishment and technical excellence in DDR and other nuclear related areas. The Lifetime Achievement Award is intended to reward an individual member and the award is made specifically to that individual. This is in marked contrast to the Award of Excellence.

Criteria: Nominees for this award are to be judged upon the perceived satisfaction of fulfilling the following criteria:

  • 25 years or more in the nuclear industry with at least 10 years in the DESD area
  • Exceptional contribution to the successful completion of DESD related projects or activities or its supporting functions (i.e. standards, significant technical achievement, public outreach, etc)
  • Involvement in ANS and DESD related activities (Conferences, embedded topicals, annual meetings, committees, etc) including international
  • Involvement in a unique project or assistance in providing a positive professional image to DESD related areas
  • Involvement in improving overall effectiveness of the decontamination, decommissioning and reutilization tasks undertaken by the DESD industry worldwide
  • Nominations: Nominees for this award do not have to be a U S Citizen, but do need to be an ANS member or a retiree.
  • The nominee must be living at the time the nomination is made.
  • Non-ANS members as well as ANS members can submit nominations.
  • Nomination forms are available for this award from the DESD Division website (
  • In addition, once a year a “general call for nominations” for these awards will be made through a notice in the DESD newsletter and by other means as deemed appropriate.
  • All nominations must be submitted to the DESD-EC for evaluation and selection. The awards timeline is also available at the website.

The Award: A maximum of one award per calendar year is allowed. The award shall be comprised of a certificate of recognition and/or a plaque or an equivalent. A summary article on the awardees professional achievements upon which the award is based shall be prepared by the nominator and published in the DESD division newsletter and posted on the website as well as published in Radwaste Solutions magazine as soon as possible after the award is presented. Scheduling for award consideration and presentation can be modified by the DESD EC Chairperson.

Lifetime Achievement Award winners

2005 – R Jon Stouky, Mega-Tech Services
2007 – Tom LaGuardia, LaGuardia & Associates
2009 – Bill Manion, Consultant
2012 – Jean Guy Nokhamzon, French CEA
2014 – Bill Austin, Savannah River Nuclear Solution
2016 – James Byrne, Byrne & Assoc., LLC
2017 – Jan Van Erp
2021 – Sue Aggarwal