Lifetime Achievement Award

2005 R Jon Stouky
2007 Thomas LaGuardia; PE, CCE, Managing Member, LaGuardia & Assoc

Project Excellence Award

2005 (two joint winners)
The 233-S Plutonium Concentration Facility Decommissioning Project by Fluor-Hanford
The ETTP Three Building Decommissioning Project by BNG Americas
2007 Wayne Norton, President & CEO (Connecticut Yankee)

DESD Undergraduate Scholarship($2000)

(refer to Scholarships for previous scholarship winners)

2011 David W. Kamerman

The Undergraduate DESD scholarship awardee for 2011-2012 is David W. Kamerman who is attending Idaho State University. David is entering his senior year with a 3.6 GPA majoring in Nuclear Engineering and has a specific interest in nuclear fuel reprocessing. He plans to attend the 2011 Winter Meeting in Washington and participate in several DESD activities.

DESD Graduate Scholarship ($3000)

2010 Jenny Martos
The Graduate DESD scholarship awardee for 2010-2011 is Jenny Martos from Rensselaer Polytechnic University. She received her BS in Nuclear Engineering from RPI this May, and will begin her graduate studies this fall at UC Berkeley in Nuclear Engineering.